Malta Global Residence Programme (MGRP)

What is this Programme?

The Global Residency Programme offers Maltese residency rights and status to high net worth individuals who satisfy basic investment conditions. A flat rate of 15% personal taxation on remitted income to Malta applies.

What are the benefits of Maltese residency?

home-icon-stableVisa-free travel within Schengen area

home-icon-stableRight to reside in Malta

home-icon-stableNo minimum residency stay is required

home-icon-stableIncome remitted to Malta is taxed at 15%

home-icon-stableCan benefit from Malta’s broad double-taxation agreements (see full-list here)

home-icon-stableFamily members can be included in 1 application

What is the route to Maltese residency?

Residency is granted to suitable individuals and families of good standing who qualify under the criteria. All individuals and families applying to the Global Residency Scheme must satisfy three conditions:

  • Financial contribution
  • A property transaction
  • A minimum tax payment per annum per family

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